BOE Technology Group Co.,Ltd. (BOE), founded in April 1993, is an Internet of things company providing intelligent port products and professional services for information interaction and human health. Core businesses include display and sensor components, smart systems, and health services.


Boe, formerly known as The Beijing Electronic Tube Factory, was China's largest electronics manufacturer when it came close to bankruptcy in 1992.

Boe was founded in 1993 as Beijing Oriental Electronics Group Co., LTD.

In 1994, with the Japanese asahi glass co., LTD, marubeni, the Japanese co-prosperity itochu corporation joint venture Beijing electronic glass co., LTD. Asahi, with Japan, stretch industrial co., a joint venture in Beijing, electronic precision components co., LTD., joint venture with Japanese terminal co., LTD was established in Beijing, end electronics co., LTD., business development and CRT supporting precision parts and materials.

In 1997, domestic listed foreign shares (B shares) were successfully issued on Shenzhen Exchange. Beijing Oriental TPV Electronics Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture with Taiwan TPV Technology Co., LTD., holding 52% of the shares, completing the downstream industrial layout for the development of display device business.

In 1998, the strategy of developing LIQUID crystal display panel was determined.

In 2001, A shares were issued on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Renamed BOE Technology Group Co.,Ltd.

In 2003, the fifth-generation TFT-LCD production line in Beijing was put into operation relying on independent technology, filling the gap in the domestic TFT-LCD display industry and ending the "era of no autonomous LCD" in mainland China. The acquisition of the TFT-LCD business, related patents and team of Hyundai Display Co., LTD. (HYDIS) into the field of thin-film transistor liquid crystal display devices (TFT-LCD) marks the formal start of boe's strategic layout of TFT-LCD business.

In 2006, boe set up a Singapore subsidiary to carry out business in Southeast Asia.

Boe Energy Technology Was founded in 2009 to enter the photovoltaic business.

In 2015, it acquired Beijing Mingde Hospital, which opened the layout of health care field. In the same year, Beijing Mingde Hospital became the exclusive medical service provider for three years.

In 2016, we will invest in Jingdian International to further accelerate the global strategic layout of on-board display business.

In 2017, according to market data released by authoritative consultancy IHS, BOE's shipments of large-size LCD panels and small-size LCD panels ranked first in the world.


At present, BOE's business is divided into three business segments.

Display and Sensor parts: Subdivided into display and sensor parts business group, sensor and Application Solutions business group.

Among them display and sensor business group for B2B device integration design manufacturing mode. The Sensor and Application Solutions Business group is a B2B design and system solutions model that provides sensor system solutions for medical testing equipment, home testing equipment, communications and transportation. Smart health service business group is a B2C professional service model integrating online and offline. Its business covers digital hospital, regenerative medicine, health park, Vitality Home and other fields.

Display and sensor parts business

In terms of business, BOE's core business includes display and sensor components, smart systems and health services. The display and sensor components business is the company's main revenue and profit source at present. The main products of this business are TFT-LCD and AMOLED display panels and modules.

Since the company officially entered the TFT-LCD industry in 2003, there have been 15 years of technical precipitation and accumulation. As of March 2018, BOE has 13 TFT-LCD/AMOLED panel production lines under construction, under construction or under planning.

Smart system service

The company's smart system business takes "Internet of Things and artificial intelligence" as its main direction, and constructs business systems such as intelligent manufacturing service, smart retail, smart car alliance, smart energy, smart wear and VR/AR. At present mainly provide the whole machine and a backlight module ODM/OEM services and personalized smart services, as well as provide TV, display, VR/AR, hd vehicle, special vehicle, surface vehicle, art, retail, commercial super retail, finance, retail, photovoltaic power station, EMC (energy management contract), plant factories, Internet of things, such as electric/carbon trading assets subdivided solution.

In terms of intelligent manufacturing service, in recent years, the OEM business of the whole machine display of the company has maintained high-speed growth. In 2016, the ODM/OEM business of the whole machine shipped nearly 13 million units, with a year-on-year growth of more than 40%. At the beginning of 2015, the company launched a new concept display terminal of its own brand -- BOEAlta.

In smart retail, the company has acquired a French listed company, ses-imagotagsa, which is an influential ElectronicShelfLabels electronic tags with a global market share of 50%. Currently, 150 million electronic tags are used in 55 countries, over 100 retail brands and 12,000 stores.

In terms of art retail solutions, BOE Picture screen, an independent innovative product, was first launched in November 2016.

On April 28, 2016, Smart Auto Completed the delivery procedure for 400 million shares of Jingdian International Additional Shares subscribed at hk $3.50 per share in cash. The company was founded in 1978, set up a factory in China in 1983 and listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 1991. The main business is vehicle display products.

In terms of smart energy, the company acquired 100% equity stakes in Hebei Huanda Trading Co., LTD., Pinghu Juhui New Energy Co., LTD., Shaoxing Juhui New Energy Co., Ltd. and Zhuji Dinghui New Energy Co., LTD.

In terms of smart wear, VR and AR, BOEOH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, invested about us $5 million to subscribe for partial preferred shares of Meta. Meta is a wearable smart device start-up company in the United States, mainly involved in wearable computing and augmented reality technology. The company announced that it plans to invest 120.15 million yuan to set up boe Smart Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out smart wearable business.

Health care business

The company focuses on the development of digital hospital, mobile health, regenerative medicine, health park, life insurance five business.

In April 2016, the company announced that it planned to establish Guoxiang Life Insurance Co., Ltd. together with other four shareholders. Currently, the application for insurance license is under way. Meanwhile, in March 2017, by subscribing the shares of Cnoga, an Innovative non-invasive medical equipment research and development company in Israel, It entered into the field of mobile health care and invested 3.2 billion yuan to build Boe Hospital in Hefei, which is positioned as a world-class digital general hospital.






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